We Build
Advanced Mobile and Web Applications using the Latest Tech.

We are professional designers, developers and project managment experts. Let us work on your idea.

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We Specialize In

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Support

Why Niageo?

Your business and digital needs are the center of our operations. Niageo has had a transformational impact on both our clients' businesses and staff. We equipt Businesses with the best digital technology to boost customer & staff experience as well as productivity. Meanwhile, we slowly introduce you to relevant digital opportunities.

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Responsive Web Design

Meet your customers where they are; from smartphone screens to laptop monitors. We will ensure that your content is delivered with the same effectiveness on all devices. In fact, we design for Mobile First.

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The Value of Partnership

We believe in balanced long term partnerships, from which you will gain incredible software, that radically improve productivity and experience. You are guaranteed knowledge and insight that will expand your horizons. Finally, the Niageo support team is there for your software, customers, staff and you.

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You don't need an IT degree to engage our services. We understand the mumbo-jumbo so that you don't have to. All you need is an understanding of your own business and we will take it from there. At Niageo we speak the language of your business and processes.

Ready to take your Business to the next Level?

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