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Our Services

Mobile Applications

We develop native Android and IOS mobile applications that are functional, data-driven and user friendly.


Beautiful and compelling web pages that inform customers about your business.

Web Applications

Functional, data-driven and user friendly web platforms for users to login and interact with data and carry out business processes exactly how you want them to

Platform Monitoring Maintenance

We look after your platforms proactively to maintain optimum performance.

Technical Support

We are on standby for your calls, texts and emails. Our team is always ready to support yours.


We bring you new and relevant information, analysis and choices to help you to make the best decisions.

Digital Infrastructure

Niageo provide our clients' application with the services and integrations they need to fulfil business goals for one monthly, quarterly or yearly fee.

i.e Hosting, emailing, SMS, file storage, etc.

Platform & Data Security

We protect your platform and data from unauthorized and malicious. While constantly scanning for vulnerabilities to eliminate.

Why Niageo?

Because we build good platforms here, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good platforms.

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Responsive Design

Meet your customers where they are; from smartphone screens to laptop monitors. We will ensure that your content is delivered with the same effectiveness on all devices.

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Worry free Support Services

Our aim is to give our clients peace of mind knowing that their websites or mobile applications are safe, secure and well maintained. Our team also stands by to help your team to accomplish your mission via person to person support.

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Our Process

First, we aim to understand your goals and larger context. It is this understanding that allows us do bring you solutions that you didn't know you wanted.

Then, we design collaboratively. Your platform(s) will not be designed in a black box. On the contrary, we take a collaborative approach to design. By actively sharing and discussing the blueprints before we begin development, you have the freedom to quickly and cheaply experiment to see how your solution would look and operate.

Third, we develop with agility. We build your platform feature by feature, giving you a chance review each feature individually and give feedback

Finally, we support technically and strategically. In addition to high standard maintenance to keep your platform up and functioning, we also provide technical support to your staff and your customers, as well as consultation to help you make the most of your digital platform(s).

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