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  • We helped Campus Elite(CE) to create a feature rich web application that connects tertiary students with opportunities from cooperate Jamaica.

    Managing Activities

    Opportunities from cooperate Jamaica take the form of activities in the campus elite network. CE staff creates and manages these opportunities, by soliciting participation of users and facilitating application to the activity. From the dashboard, CE manages opportunity information, applicants, opportunity visibility and much more.

    Many Choices for Communication

    CE now have many options to communicate. From one one direct messaging to selecting specific segments of users based on their data. Staff can also communicate with students within a particular opportunity based on the phase in the application process that they are in.

    Staff is also presented with a number choices of what form the their communication should take. They can choose from, Email, SMS and notifications within the application itself and with the introduction of the mobile application, push notifications.

    Data-Driven Experience

    A user's experience is tailored to their data. This is a crucial part of the system as administrators need to be able to manage which groups of students are able to access which activity.

    This is just one of many data points that affects a users experience. A user can update his own data to advance his experience. additionally some data points are only editable by administrators to provide a layer of authorization for some experiences.


    CE can engage it's users through a live giveaway within the very web application. Students entered and a randomizer chooses the winner while students watch live.

    Additionally users are able to partake in rewards by earning CE Points and redeeming them in the reward which is also build directly into the platform

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