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  • We helped LTN Express by developing a courier website, web application and mobile application that serve both staff and customers.

    Efficiency & Experience

    The Web Application

    Our courier client faced the challenge of efficiently keeping thousands of customers informed about tens of thousands of packages, all while delivering a smooth pleasant experience to each customer.

    The challenge is not only to handle current business, but also to ensure that the company is able to handle the future of its growing volume. The process of adding and managing package information needs to facilitate this volume of customers and packages, without the corresponding high variable costs.

    We applied ourselves to the challenges, conceptualized and developed better digital assets and processes.

    11,000% Efficiency Boost

    After carefully examining existing processes and challenges, we designed a solution that transformed how work is done, for the better.

    Package Management

    Better digital processes have radically improved staff efficiency and accuracy. At current volume, our new application has increased the efficiency of package data entry by over 100 fold ( yes, thats 11,600%). Additionally, accuracy to near 100%. This is because we have made it so that adding an unlimited amount of packages consumes less time that it would originally take to add one. This is just one of many processes that we completely transformed by handing staff the digital capital to be more productive.

    Barcode integration

    The application supports the use of barcode scanners to quickly identify packages for processing, eliminating the need for manually typed searches or scrolling through massive lists.

    A Hub for Information and Communication

    The LTN Express web and mobile app serve as center of useful information for staff and customers alike. Staff now depend on these applications to quickly access customer and package information. Staff can communicate with a single customer through chat or the entire customer base quickly and gracefully through email communique. Staff can easily manipulate package statuses in bulk, triggering appropriate notifications.

    The system created is clearly not just a marketing tool, but one that increasingly touches all areas of the business, including operations and servicing customer needs.

    A Warm Welcome

    The website

    Aside from the system that manages customers and packages, our client needed a website to introduce their business to customers. Niageo built a clean, elegant and responsive website for customers to become acquainted with LTN Express.

    We went for authentic, by executing a fun and exciting photoshoot with actual staff.

    Even More Accessibility!

    The Mobile App

    We are currently designing and developing a mobile app to give our client's customers more and even better options to stay connected. With the mobile app, their packages become a tap away, eliminating the need to open a web browser to enter a web address.

    Niageo continues to deliver value

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    2. Platform and data security
    3. Web hosting and other digital infrastructure
    4. Staff Support
    5. Consultation
    6. Further major system upgrades

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