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  • We created a website with the aim of allow the UWI Mona Guild of Students to connect with and engage the student body and other interest groups. We also wanted to ensure sustainability.

    Presence and Future

    Our client is in an increasingly digital space and as an organization, the University of The West Indies, Mona Guild of Students requires its own space where they are able to engage students and the wider public.

    The UWI Guild website was created with the aim of firstly giving the guild their own real-estate online. However, we put heads together with members of the guild to come up with , something that can serve as a foundation for further development, something that would last, something sustainable.

    A living thing

    The Website

    We wanted to help the guild avoid the trap of creating a static website that only give standard information. We know that these types sites are hardly visited, rarely remembered and are never shared. Instead, we designed a system for the UWI Guild that would make full use of a strength of theirs, producing high quality content. It is with this in mind, that we made the article the central content of the system.


    Articles can be fully administered by the guild without any technical knowledge. After they are created and published, readers can share in a number of ways.

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    We are always looking out for the future of our clients and so we suggested a having partnering with sponsors to share their their messages for mutual benefits.

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